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The BPF Solutions’ Referral Partner Program is designated for Real estate agents, Mortgage Brokers, Business Brokers, Accountants, Lawyers and Affiliate Marketers who want to provide their clients fairly priced loans and leverage our fast and efficient process and creditability to provide the best solution for their clients to meet their business needs.

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Why BPF Solutions?

Competative Commision

We offer the most competitive rate in the industry. Also, it depends on the type of partnership, you can get more commission. Plus, a personalized bonus is always waiting for you.

Stay Relevant

Be able to offer your clients a new and innovative approach to obtaining financing; don’t make them venture out alone looking for financing, if Banks say ‘no’ or just aren’t a viable option.

Hassle Free

The process is pretty straight forward. The client does not meet the lender unless the deal is done. It is really hassle-free for both agent and client.

Grow With Your Clients

When your clients grow by taking on capital at the right times, they will look to you, their accountant, for more advice and recommendations – this will grow their need for your services.

Guarantee of Funding

Every loan reviewed by BPF must pass through our deal review process. Once the deal review process is complete, and everything sounds good, we will guarantee to fund.

Continue to Build Trust

Your clients trust you and continue to come back, with accounting becoming a bit of a commodity or undercutting on price continue to be that trusted advisor by making yourself indispensable.


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