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Over the last three decades BPF’s financing specialists have helped provide the most flexible and intricate construction financing solutions for condo developers & builders. We arrange fast and reliable access to money, especially at a time when banks have become strict and less flexible in their loan approval process. We understand project concerns ‐ keeping construction on schedule, timely payment of subcontractors and the risks involved in borrowing loans for construction; which is why we take efforts to get a full understanding of your construction before representing you for loans.

Condominium Construction / Development Loan

Condo construction loans can be one of the most challenging types of business mortgages to structure, depending on the type of project. Condo building loans are subject to a variety of variables that are sometimes beyond the developer’s control; and that’s the reason only a small number of mortgage funds have a constant appetite for this type of financing.
At BPF Solutions, we collaborate with developers and builders to offer value-added financing solutions that are designed for a specific demands of each project. We offer a variety of financing options to meet a wide range of development objectives.
BPF Solutions provides cost-to-completion construction loans for condominium projects, including equity, debt, and mezzanine. Furthermore, our loan structures are adaptable to match the needs of our clients.
Our quick and knowledgeable responses to our borrowers’ project-related questions ensures the project’s continuous success. We offer solutions based on flexible draw alternatives after thoroughly assessing our client’s project, which most traditional banks do not.

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