BPF’s financing specialists have helped provide construction financing solutions for developers, builders and buyers. We arrange fast and reliable access to money

BPF Construction

What We Do

Over the last three decades BPF’s financing specialists have helped provide the most flexible and intricate construction financing solutions for developers, builders and buyers. We arrange fast and reliable access to money, especially at a time when banks have become strict and less flexible in their loan approval process. We understand project concerns ‐ keeping construction on schedule, timely payment of subcontractors and the risks involved in borrowing loans for construction; which is why we take efforts to get a full understanding of your construction before representing you for loans.

Construction Projects


BPF negotiates favourable financing while working with developers and builders to create value‐added financing solutions catered to individual project needs. To suit a wide range of development initiatives we offer a diverse set of loan structures. BPF facilitates cost to complete construction loans ‐ equity, debt and mezzanine for condominium projects. Additionally, our loan structures have the flexibility to meet clients’ needs. Our quick and expert solutions to our borrowers regarding their project ensures their project’s continued success. By deeply analyzing our client’s project we offer solutions based on flexible draw options which most conventional banks don’t.

Plazas/Retail Stores

Financing options for plazas, retail stores and shopping centres can be complex to understand and difficult to access. BPF facilitates a multitude of retail shopping center loans for purchase and refinancing of shopping center businesses. We also arrange for development and refinancing, shopping center construction loans, commercial bridge loans, shopping center acquisition and permanent take‐out loans. Our team of retail financing experts can formulate loan programs that are unique to lending requirements. We take efforts at understanding each retail venue’s unique features and create loan applications based on evaluation of current market conditions, loan repayment considerations and property tenant and leases.

Gas Stations

In recent years, gas station financing has become dynamic and in most case difficult due to the ever changing industry, strict supplier agreements, environmental concerns and additional external factors. When it comes to gas station financing, majority of banks, term lenders and credit unions are only finance stations that are under a flag of a major supplier or is relatively new. BPF Solutions understand these unique challenges and has created gas station financing solutions to meet the individual needs of its clients to ensure competitive rates to arranging various lenders competing for your business.

Hotel Renovations

BPF Solutions arranges the right financing products to suit hotel acquisition, construction or motel financing for chain hotels, independently owned hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts. Our expertise and a large network of commercial lenders helps provide borrowers with flexible financing options.

Church Financing

BPF’s church financing programs has helped churches rebuild, remodel, refinance existing debt and invest in property or equipment. We take our church loan requests to our comprehensive network of leading banks, financial institution, private lenders and other sources, typically not available to other church lenders. This helps us offer the best term and rates available in the marketplace. Our team of financing experts are uniquely qualified and have developed valuable knowledge in this field of church financing.

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