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BPF Solutions Retail Loans

We have spent over 17 years working with Retail Business owners as they start or grow their business. We ensure that you have access to all the funds you need to start or grow your business. Our experienced consultants help you structure your business for success and build a strategy to ensure you start efficiently and move quickly to the growth phase of the business lifecycle. Below are some of the loans we provide to the Retail Business owners. We are here for you to make your business dreams come true.

Retail Loans We Provide

 There is a wide variety of businesses operating under the title of Retail Business.  At BPF Solutions, we have several financing options to help retail business owners. So if you want to open a retail business or are working in the following sectors, we can definitely get you funded. 

  • Fashion
  • Home Furniture
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Car Extras and Repairs
  • Healthcare
  • Home Improvement
  • Electrics and Appliances
  • Training and Education
  • Lifestyle
  • Arts and Music


 BPF Solutions’ Retail Financing Program can provide you with customized loans designed to meet your specific needs.


  • Business acquisitions
  • Start your business
  • Grow your business
  • Equipment purchases
  • Working capital
  • Hiring new retail staff
  • Renovation & remodeling

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