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What We Do

We have spent over 17 years working with Entrepreneurs as they start new businesses.
We ensure that you have access to all the funds you need to start your business and to begin operations. Our experienced consultants help you structure your company for success and build a strategy to ensure you start efficiently and move quickly to the growth phase of the business lifecycle. Below are some industries we have worked with to help people just like you start to make their business dreams come true.

Business We Serve

Medical Practices

Providing the best medical care for a patient is invaluable for any healthcare practitioner, BPF’s medical practice loan specialists work with you every step of the way to help you achieve just that and to increase your profit margins over time. Our borrowing experience is efficiently designed to obtain capital without long wait times of the traditional loan process.


At BPF, we understand that quick access to funding is integral for continued business growth. Our wholesale financing programs have evolved to meet the needs of wholesalers who are working on keeping up with their retail demand. BPF helps you seek wholesale financing to stay ahead of the curve by expanding product lines, updating equipments, purchasing inventory or expanding your team. Banks traditionally focus on your past financial performance and equity to determine loan eligibility, our team of experts will work with you to determine your financing options based on the most secure and relevant options available.


Canada has a strong manufacturing sector, making it highly valuable to the economy. Firms can face many challenges to growth, one of them being accessibility to business loans for manufacturing. Our manufacturing loans have helped companies across Canada in exceeding product demand. Whether you are looking to reduce operating costs or to expand capacity or to boost efficiency or to diversify your operations, our experts at BPF help you access the capital to plan the future of your business.

Hospitality and Retail

At BPF, we understand the industry fundamentals of the hospitality and retail industry to help you with customized financing solutions. We understand it can be challenging to grow a retail or hospitality business. It’s not always that simple to get a loan from a bank to hire and train new staff or investing in better quality equipment or catering to more customers; we make sure you get the financing you need to cover your expenses and plan ahead.

Commercial Transport

Building a commercial transportation company is challenging, risky and expensive. Truck and trailer financing is a popular method to fund purchases for owners, operators and investors. With a combined industry experience of 20 years, BPF Solutions has been providing structured and tailored truck financing solutions to business owners across Canada. We understand the difficulties involved in financing/leasing of transportation equipment and provide customised solutions and efficient lease and transportation financing.

Farm Equipment

BPF’s carefully designed farm equipment loans help you preserve working capital by expediting your access to the assets your business needs, without paying everything up front. The loans also assist you in managing cash flow with fixed installment payments. BPF Solutions has been exclusively servicing farm equipment financing, our dedication to serving agriculture gives us competitive edge in purchasing, leasing or refinancing farm equipment financing. Spending time deciphering terms and rates is not on the top of most producer’s list. BPF does the heavy lifting in find you the right financial package to help you step up your farming business.

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