Most entrepreneurs tend to feel responsible for taking care of almost every aspect of their business by themselves: from management to marketing, production, quality control and even cleaning. The fact is that when you want to be the best in everything, you would be good at none of the things. As most entrepreneurs have this tendency, more than 80 percent of businesses grow to a certain size and then begin to stagnate.

Therefore, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to start learning about growth and management after reaching a sale of $0.5 or $1 million in sales. Entrepreneur graduates into a manager or visionary and hires people who execute different aspects of the business.


BPF Solutions advisory group can help and guide you to move in this direction. This can be done by preparing a growth business plan, acquire the necessary capital to execute this plan and train/help you in implementing this plan. Generally, there are 8 areas of management that we look at: Vision, Management, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Human resources, Operations, IT, and Quality control. All these areas should work properly, but we as BPF solutions assign the owner to the level of vision management, so he/she doesn’t do anything else but does vision management and provides his/her input and ideas in every area. So, the rest areas will work accordingly.

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